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Eduworldz has made it easy for you to get started safely creating your own virtual world at school and teach students digital technology as they have fun.

The Eduworldz Stand-Alone Kit will give you everything you need to set up your own virtual reality (VR) school for all your teachers and student to access from anywhere. Kids love computer games! Now they will love to come to school in VR even if they are sick at home!

Imagine also the possibilities for disabled, autistic, suspended students being able to mix in with everyone in a virtual world from home without harm.

The training centres in Eduworldz helps everyone learn how to move, interact and build. These are included to use right from your own PC, laptop or internal network as well as 30 other themed regions you can set up and "travel to" within your own school and even more you can download for free.

Use, build and teach in your very own virtual education universe run from any windows compatible computer in your school but ... Once set up, it can be accessed on any computer, Mac or Win from a selection of free viewers (selection also supplied in this kit).

Eventually if you wish to connect to people internationally you will be given preferrential access to connect to the online Eduworldz and Ventureworld.

Through this you will be connecting to schools nationally and internationally, holding virtual conferences, making friends and even sell objects created by your students to raise REAL money for your school! We will show you how as you expand and you are ready.

Get started today by buying the "Eduworldz Stand-Alone Kit" supplied on a virus tested USB Flashdrive today. See details, slideshow and video below:

WHAT YOU GET on your USB Flash Drive: 


The latest version for you to easily install and create a complete virtual world. 2 versions included: 1. To test & run from the USB on any computer. 2. To install on your system for your classroom or school network.


A list of the free viewers depending on your system (PC, Mac and Linux) used to access your virtual world on any computer.


Instructions to get you going with setting up and building on your universe.


Resources made and collected by Eduworldz for use in your world and to help you start copying or redesigning them and creating your own.


If you choose to go the next step and connect your private region to the grid of Ventureworldz, you will get a member-only discount on land (region) rentals. Only in this version can you use currency to raise funds selling yours creations worldwide.

Take a look at example pages and worlds you will get ...

ORDER NOW (NZ only ... outside NZ, please email for your options) .... only $99 delivered

Short video to give you a taste of how you can imagine being in your virtual world

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