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We are the only simulated world not only dedicated to education but also a central hub for educators to meet with others throughout the world.

You wil be able to use the facilities of the Eduworldz campus to meet others, talk about education, make new friends for FREE. Create your own private school for your students. Connect your school to the larger virtual world internationally, natinally or keep it private for your own use.

The realm of posibilities are endless but Eduworldz supplies you with the means to teach in the most technologically advanced methods with total ease and low cost no matter where you or your students are (even ill at home).

You will be shown how to create your own school or campus, teavh your students to make things and open a shop to sell your creations in Eduworldz for fund raising real money!

Ideas for you to add too for its use:

  • Teach in a classroom on a space station or in an underwater base, castle or on the beach.
  • Act out plays with costumes, create treasure hunts.
  • Create learning educational role-play like taking a trip to a shop and buying food on a budget.
  • Teach languages with visual aids, roleplay and translation machines.
  • Offer translation services.
  • Give lectures or hold discussions with teachers throughout the country and even overseas - Eduworldz will soon become an international world of learning.
  • Teach students how to build items in 3D easily - models, buildings, working inventions, fashion designing, business ideas and even sell these goods and service in-world using the Eduworldz international currency that can be converted to real-world dollars!
  • Hire private facilities for virtual school balls and dances.
  • Create teacher training or mentoring services.
  • Show educational videos in-world.
  • Hold virtual "face to face" conferences with parents or studens from anywhere in the world.
  • You name it,  you can do it as long as it's fit for general exhibition (adult content is banned automatically). If you can think of a setting (Egyptian pyramids, movie scenes, castles in the mountains, fairgrounds, space stations, in a fairytale land, you can build it and use it privately (access to only those you allow) or open to other members and sister schools overseas.

PO Box 20-616
Auckland 0641 
New Zealand