A virtual world of education


Immerse yourself, your school and your students into a safe virtual world and community for learning, teaching, sharing ideas, virtual conferences and lectures, fun adventures as a group.

Teach and learn everything from Maths to Maori, create or visit other schools and use our central campus for free, create or use existing fun adventures and virtual machines and transport, a perfect way to experience life from your chair. No matter where, you can come into the virtual reality world and interact in a safe environment.

  • You can build your own private community and grant access to only those you wish to enter and still have access to the free content available in Eduworldz. 
  • Book and use the existing facilities at the main campus to give lectures, organise classes or teach students how to build anything from a shoebox to an environmentally friendly city.
  • We will also show you how to create a business venture using our digital currency and sell items to fund-raise real money on the marketplace that is used by over 30 other "grids" throughout the virtual universes on the web.
  • Businesses or entrepreneurs can use meeting rooms and multimedia screen in the lecture room to show market a new product in the real world to an international audience.
  • Become an architect and show off your designs.
  • So much more when you step into the virtual world of Eduworldz. Join for FREE ...

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